With classes about to start back at ETSU, returning students will notice that major changes have been made to the D.P. Culp Center, as a part of the university’s plan to remodel the building. Most of the building is offline.

“The only entrance to the Culp Center will be the exterior ramp on Seehorn Road,” said Assistant Vice President of Student Service Operations Dr. Sam Mayhew.

Along with the entrance to the Culp Center being changed, other areas in the Culp Center have been relocated as well.

“The bookstore will be on the third floor,” said Mayhew. “The bookstore will be on ballroom left, and the entrance will be on the exterior left on Seehorn Drive. To get to the Marketplace, you’ll enter through ballroom right.”

Mayhew said that while there is still seating inside the Marketplace, the patio located outside on the balcony is no longer there.

“Where there used to be windows, there’s a wall,” said Mayhew. “That’s why we have additional seating in the ballroom. When the Culp is completely finished, there’s going to be a brand new patio in a new and better form over looking the amphitheater.”

One area that has not moved in the Culp Center is the post office.

“The post office is still on the first floor where it used to be,” Mayhew said.

Construction on the Culp Center also took an interesting turn when remnants of explosives from the 1970s were found in the Cave earlier this summer.

“Remnants of explosives that had been used had been found,” Mayhew said. “We had to bring in an expert crew. Once the experts came, they confirmed there wasn’t any dynamite. Fortunately, it was confirmed that no one was ever at risk.”

Mayhew said that everything is still on track for the Culp Center remodel.

“Everything is moving along on schedule,” Mayhew said.  “The overall project is still on target for an opening in 2020.”