Welcome back, Buccaneers!

On Aug. 28, many organizations, including Greek life and student resources, came together to welcome students back to school at Bucky’s Back to School Bash in the Quad as part of Welcome Week.

Some of the fraternities and sororities present included: Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, Apha Omicoron Pi, BYX Beta Upsilon Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Delta and Sigma Kappa. Those representing Greek life were there to wish students a great new semester and dispel stigma associated with their organizations.

“We’re really trying to change the stigma associated with Greek life,” said Jarred Begley, an ETSU graduate student with the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. “Instead of a party, we want to make it professional. We want to benefit our members professionally, academically and personally.”

Student resource groups in attendance included dining services, members of the Multicultural Center and Outreach and Advocacy Sexuality Information for Students (OASIS).

Imari Ross, the director of marketing for Sodexo, was there informing students about the different meal plan options and the new passport contest that campus dining is doing this semester.

“I’m really proud to serve as a dining representative on campus, especially during the renovation,” Ross said. “Because it’s essential to communicate not only your dining options, but also in how many ways the company supports this university whether it is through events, service or boosting the quality of life.”

Those who ate at all the dining locations by Sept. 28 will be entered into the contest, and the first prize winner will receive 300 flex dollars.

OASIS Program Coordinator Kate Emmerich was also there presenting an interactive, four-part station that explained to students how their sexual experience in college can be positive, healthy and safe.

“We do the sober sex event in order to educate students about how to give and receive consent and count drink in order to have safe and healthy sexual encounters,” Emmerich said.

Kendra Dailey, the graduate assistant for the Multicultural Center, was there telling students about the different ways they can get involved on campus through the Best Mentors, Quest and International Buccaneers programs.

“Welcome back students,” said Dailey. “We hope that everyone has a great start to the semester. Our new location is on the first floor of Lucille Clement facing the football stadium. Go Bucs!”

Similar to Dailey, Daniel Smith, an employee of ETSU’s Information Services, aimed to let students know about the group’s relocation due to the Culp’s renovation.

“It’s been a great day welcoming all our students to campus,” Smith said. “If you need any technical assistance, contact us. We’re on the first floor of the Sherrod Library.”

In addition to the groups present, there was live entertainment from the group Icarus Account, who sang covers of the top 100 songs to acoustic guitars.

While learning about the wonderful aspects of involvement opportunities available on campus, and jamming out to great tunes, students were served delicious bacon and cheese filled hush puppies by Mike Wiemers of Surf N Brew Oyster Bar.