“The World through a Woman’s Eyes” is an exhibit on display at the Reece Museum. The exhibit details the life and work of Jessie Ackermann. Ackermann was an activist, writer, educator and world traveler, and the artifacts on display embody these aspects of her life. The Reece Museum acquired these artifacts through a donation by Ackermann herself who spent time in Johnson City and at ETSU.

The exhibit highlights Ackermann’s world travels by showing mementos from her travels that she donated to the museum. The artifacts are displayed throughout the exhibit from many different places. Ackermann’s life is also on display in the museum. Besides her work, the exhibit includes information and artifacts regarding her personal life. Various portraits of Ackermann throughout the stages of her life are on display to accompany these details. Her history, as well as glimpses of  her impact on the future, can be seen throughout the exhibit.

Ackermann’s writing was published around the world, but one book specifically, “The World Through a Woman’s Eyes,” details her travels. Ackermann paid specific attention to the social status of women, and through her writing, she unraveled the treatment of women she encountered on her travels. Her work was considered ahead of her time and shed light on women’s suffrage and a lack of women’s rights not only in the United States but around the world.

“The World through a Woman’s Eyes” will remain open through Oct. 12. A reception will be held on Sept.13, fron 5 to 7 p.m. at Reece Museum. Admission is free. For more information on the collection or other exhibits available at Reece Museum, visit www.etsu.edu/reece or call 423-439-4392.


Contributed by Lauren Stotsky