A new, controversial show hit Netflix on Aug. 10.

Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts star in Netlfix’s new dark comedy “Insatiable.”

The show focuses on former overweight outcasst, Patty Baldell, turning into a skinny beauty queen (Ryan) with the help of her equally misfit lawyer/ pageant coach, Bob Armstrong (Roberts). While the two are an unlikely pair, they share one major thing in common; an insatiable desire to exact revenge on those who have wronged them.

Rated at only 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, the show has garnered quite a bit of controversy in the few weeks since its release. People have felt opposed to the show for its outlook on body image and overall lack of filter. Just hours after the show’s release some viewers took to change.org seeking the cancellation of the program.

According to Roxanne Gay of Refinery29, the show now has 233,000 signatures wanting the show to be cancelled.

Gay writes in her article, “Insatiable is ‘Lazy and Insulting,'” that because she was bullied as a child, she was orginally primed to like such a show, but finds it to be predictable and lazy from the get-go.

“This show is supposed to be about desire, about insatiable desire, about wanting so much, wanting too much. But Patty doesn’t seem particularly insatiable,” writes Gay.

Despite protests from some audience members, however, the show has an 83 percent approval rating from the same site critics gave it an 11 percent on.

According to Matt Lopez of Videoink the show is remaining quite popular.

“The series is once again among the top ten shows in demand by a US audience for a second week in a row,” Lopez writes.”That information comes according to Parrot Analytics, which measures demand by factoring in numerous inputs, such as peer-to-peer and streaming content data, fan & critic rating data, and social media data.”

In defense of the show, several stars of the series have made public appearances also defending it, including Debby Ryan and Alyssa Milano, who plays Armstrong’s wife Coralee.

In addition to issues around weight, the show also includes violence, LGBTQ topics and even murder.

The dark drama, binge worthy show consists of 12 episodes and can be viewed on Netflix now.