Last year, Keyana Miller was the ETSU Student Government Association president. Have you wondered what she is up to now that she is no longer in office?

Keyana Miller
(Photograph contributed / ETSU)

After spending a year in the public eye of ETSU, Miller, now a senior, is prepared to experience her last  year as a regular student.

 “I was on the go all the time last year, and now I have time to focus on the things I need to do, like studying,” said Miller.

Besides being a “regular” student, Miller is an honors in discipline English major, and she is also pursuing a second major focusing on political science.

After graduation, she plans to attend a law school near or in Tennessee. Likewise, she would like to practice law in Tennessee and live near her family.

“I like the study of words, and that’s why I’m interested in the law,” Miller said.

In addition to classes at ETSU, Miller has also taken her studies closer to home.

During the summer after her freshman year, she traveled home to take summer classes at Southwest Tennessee Community College.  

Since then, she has spent every other summer away from home due to partaking in internships and working with ETSU organizations like SGA and Polo.

She describes those organizations as a type of support group for her. She formed close relationships with the folks involved in the organizations because she didn’t have the opportunity to go home as much as other students.

 “I had to create my own family here since my family is seven hours away,” Miller said.

ETSU has become a second home for Miller and although she is no longer the SGA President, her role remains ongoing as supportive to help fellow students. Miller says she is still happy to answer any ETSU related questions.

Miller wishes the best for the present SGA President, Megha Gupta, and hopes that other students will aspire to become role models as well. 

“Do something that other students will look up to you for, and inspire them to do the same or even better,” she said.