Now that class is back in session, many students have seen the construction that has happened at the Culp Center. Student opinions on the temporary Culp Center vary across campus.

“I think so far it’s pretty good,” ETSU student Haley Woody said. “I’m really excited to see everything that happens in the next few years and to see how it really ends up looking.”

Woody said that while she is excited to see the new renovations to the Culp Center, there are still some things she does not like about the renovations.

“I don’t like that there’s (currently) not any windows,” Woody said. “There’s really a lack of windows, and it’s kind of making it feel more like a prison, so more windows would have been nice. From the pictures of what it’s supposed to look like, I think in the end it will be ok”

Other students on ETSU’s campus say that they are looking forward to the end result but do not like how things have changed around campus.

“I think that it’s going to be really cool once it’s done,” ETSU student Alexa Hansen said. “But the remodeling process kind of makes it difficult to get where you need to, especially with all the offices being changed.”

ETSU sophomore Mary Wheeler said that the renovations to the Culp Center have affected her job as an admissions ambassador.

“We had our first meeting in order to figure out how to do everything,” Wheeler said. “We can’t take people into the one entrance to the Culp because it’s so out of the way it would just be a bad idea to take people up there, so we had to change our tour route. The good part of it is that we get to show them the Pride Walk, the bad part is that we don’t get to show them the Culp.”

Freshman Connor Hofeditz had never seen the Culp before the renovations happened, and he is looking forward to seeing the end results.

“I’m looking forward to a nice, neutral space,” Hofeditz said. “It’s so close to me that it would be nice to just go there and have places to sit down or to go eat — like a nice hangout spot.”