If my two semesters at ETSU have taught me anything, it’s that people spend a lot of time with their heads down and with earbuds in. So with that in mind, here are some podcasts for those who would rather listen to strangers on the internet rather than the world around them (Don’t worry, I do it too).

First off, there is the “Off Topic Podcast” by Rooster Teeth. This is a podcast all about the fascinating effects of alcohol on human intelligence. Well, technically not, but the beauty of it is that it’s not really about anything. This is a great podcast if you want to listen to a bunch of idiots who slowly become increasingly intoxicated as they talk about movies, current events and “science” in a way that you always wished you could, but thought better of before you actually did.

Next, we take a turn into the world of sports, as I introduce you to “Sportsball.” This is another Rooster Teeth podcast, but is vastly different as it actually has a focus and only two hosts. Featuring Tyler Coe and Mia Kalifa, this sports focused podcast discusses controversies, news and wild predictions for all sports from golf to hockey to football. Neither host shies away from sharing their opinions on matters and both encourage fans to call in and express their own opinions, opinions they take in stride in a segment lovingly named “F*** You Tyler.” The banter between Tyler and Mia is incredibly charming, and while the pair may not be sports analysts, they’re hardcore fans who make a thoroughly enjoyable podcast.

Finally, we take a trip into a podcast that’s about as nerdy as a podcast can be: “Dungeons and Randomness.” Now before you immediately assume that Dungeons and Dragons is a game for kids or middle-aged men in their parents’ basement, know that “Dungeons and Randomness” (D&R for short) takes this game and does something truly remarkable. They create a unique and fantastical story. What started as an attempted spin-off of a wrestling podcast turned into a expansive world, complete with lovable characters, epic places and overarching story arcs that would make George R.R. Martin jealous. This started as a kind of entertaining podcast with some friends playing D&D and became a story that I have been totally engrossed in for the last several hundred episodes.

These are just three of many fantastic podcasts that are available for free for all of us. I recommend you give each of these a chance the next time you’re faced with a long drive or maybe even just a walk halfway across campus.