The start of fall semester brings about not only new classes but also new outdoor activities for students to partake in, courtesy of Campus Recreation.

Throughout the fall semester, starting on Sept. 12 and running until Nov. 4, Campus Recreation will offer a host of outdoor activities for students to enjoy. Trips vary in price from free up to $40.

Trip activities are based on a common adventure philosophy with a goal to “achieve an enjoyable and worthwhile experience while displaying the greatest respect for the environment,” according to the Outdoor Adventure Trips website.

All trips will practice a “Leave No Trace” policy in order to minimize impact on outdoor habitats and natural resources. Additionally, all participants will be subject to Institutional Student Disciplinary Rules that are described in the student handbook.

The first event is a Social Bike Ride and will be held on Sept. 15 at 4 p.m. The event is free of charge. There will be one other Social Bike Ride at the same time on Sept. 26.

The first big trip will be Intro To Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail Sept. 14-16. There will be a mandatory pre-trip meeting on Sept. 13, and the cost is $40. All pre-trip meetings are held in the equipment room of the CPA at 4 p.m.

Sept. 20 will feature Sunset Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, and following that, there will be a day hike to Carver’s Gap on Sept. 22. Both trips will cost $10, and both have pre-trip meetings. The pre-trip meeting for paddle boarding is Sept. 19 and Sept. 20 for the hike.

Another multi-day event will be held Sept. 28-Sept. 30, and that is Canoe Camping to New River in Ashe County, North Carolina. The pre-trip meeting is Sept. 27, and this also comes with a cost of $40.

October features three sunset hikes that will all be free. There will be a hike Oct. 4 to a local waterfall, a hike to Buffalo Mountain Oct. 11, and students will hike to the local fire tower Oct. 18. All hikes begin at 5 p.m.

The final trip of the semester is another canoe camping trip, this time to Congaree National Park on Nov. 2-4. The pre-trip meeting will be Nov. 1 and will cost $40.

To register for a trip, students should visit the member services desk at the CPA, but hurry because space is limited to a maximum of 10 people, and all trips have a minimum participant number. Fees for trips will cover transportation, equipment and food.

If students have any questions, they can send an email to or call Campus Recreation at 423-439-7980.