ETSU is all about keeping up tradition while changing people’s attitude about the institution at the same time. 

According to Abigail Reece, an ETSU National Alumni Association graduate assistant, Tradition Keepers is an organization that’s trying to change the perception students have of attending ETSU. 

“Students view us as a suitcase college, and we’re trying to change the culture,” Reece said.

A suitcase college is a college where students stay on campus during the school week and pack up their bags and head home for the weekend.

Tradition Keepers has implemented different activities designed to keep students involved on campus.

“We have club meetings that serve as a place to come and make friends,” Reece said. “We hold tailgates and have activities like trivia taxi.”

Trivia Taxi is the Tradition Keepers’ version of the game show “Cash Cab.” Essentially a member of Tradition Keepers will pick up students in a golf cart and ask them trivia questions.

Students have however long it takes to get to their location to answer the trivia questions. Winners of the game win cups and coupons to Bojangles and mechanics shops.

The trivia questions have a strong emphasis on the traditions of ETSU.

Over the summer, Tradition Keepers gave 2,000 T-shirts to new students and transfer students with our alma mater on it written upside down.

The shirts were upside down on purpose, so when a student is wearing the shirt they can look down and read the alma mater.

Tradition Keepers meets every third Thursday of the month at the 908 Alumni House.

“We’re hoping with that as a well as providing a place for students to get involved,” Reece said. 

Meetings are every third Thursday of the month at the Alumni House on 908 W. Maple St. The meetings start at 4:23 p.m., in honor of Johnson City’s area code.

The meetings are free, and anyone can attend. Tradition Keepers provides Bojangles at every meeting.

The Tradition Keepers invite an alumni speaker to each meeting, so students can get connected to professionals in their field.

“We’re looking for an increase in members this year,” She said.

There are currently fifteen paid members. The membership fee is $10 and will give you a free T-shirt and access to “free ride Friday,” where they’ll pick you up on Friday in their golf cart and take you to class.

Tradition Keepers was established at least five years ago, and this summer they had a revamp.

 They updated their mission statement, and it can be briefly described as, “instilling traditions and connecting students with alumni.”