If you’ve ever thought about entering your dog in a show or donating to Johnson City Animal Shelter, Pandora Abbott has the perfect event for you.

Lakebridge, a rehabilitation and nursing center, will be hosting the “Cutest Pooch Dog Show” on Sept. 28 at 2 p.m. Not only does the event help the animal shelter, it also benefits the residents of Lakebridge as well.

“It’s a twofold thing,” Abbot said. “People make a donation to the animal shelter. So it helps the animal shelter, and it helps the residents because they get to see and pet a variety of dogs.”

Abbott, who is the activities director for Lakebridge, is organizing the event for the seventh year in a row now. She explained that she does not require a minimum donation to register in the show.

“The donations can be anything,” she said. “It can be things like money, blankets or bleach.”

Anyone with a dog that wants to take part in the event is welcome. However, there is one requirement for all dogs.

“Anybody in the community can bring a dog and enter in the contest,” she said. “The only thing I have to have is a copy of their rabies shots.”

There will also be prizes given to the winners of the show. These prizes are made possible largely in part by businesses around the area.

“We give away a lot of prizes,” Abbott said. “A lot of places are gracious enough to donate things for prizes. Local restaurants have donated things. I even have a prize for a night stay at the Opryland Hotel.”

Because the Lakebridge facility has permanent residents that are not always able to take part in a lot of activities, the dog show provides an outlet that can help lift the spirits of the people living there.

“The residents that really like dogs get very happy,” Abbott said. “They really get into it, and they’ll get pretty excited to see them. The dogs might remind them of their pets at home or pets they’ve had in the past.”

For information on the event or to register to participate, contact activities@lakebridgeawc.com, or call at 423-975-0095.