Women’s soccer showed confidence with a score of 7-1 at home this past weekend against the Wofford College Terriers.

The Bucs now have a record of 2-0 in the conference play.

“We knew how Wofford plays and how they’d set up coming into the game, so we attempted to make that a priority,” said head coach Adam Sayers. “We’re very proud of the players, and they did exactly what we asked them to do.”

In the first half, the Bucs showed great control and speed on the ball, allowing them to have 11 shots on goal with two racing past the goalkeeper. The first goal was made by senior Eleonora Goldoni (Ferrara, Italy), and within minutes, sophomore Sarah Connolly (Ballygowan, Northern Ireland) scored another goal with an assist from senior Rachel Harbin (Arlington, Tennessee), making it 2-0.

The Terriers had nine shots on goal, but goalkeeper and senior Lea Ann Cutshall (Johnson City, Tennessee) kept them scoreless with eight saves. The first half ended with the Bucs in the lead 2-0.

The second half showed more pressure and aggressiveness from the Terriers with five fouls and 10 shots on goal, but the Bucs defense did well in recovering the ball, getting up field and out of the defensive line.

Connolly made three back-to-back goals with assists from Harbin, Goldoni and senior Isabel Hodgson (Adelaide, Australia).

The Bucs continued to climb the score board with another goal by Hodgson on an assist from senior Pauline Vienne (Lausanne, Switzerland). The Terriers were able to put themselves on the scoreboard late in the second half, making it 6-1.

With just minutes left in the game, Goldoni was able to score her second goal of the game with an assist from Harbin, leaving the score 7-1.

“Attacking wise we were really good today,” said Connolly. “I’m really happy with our performance as a whole.”

Cutshall recorded a new career high of 13 saves, and Connolly became the first player to have a four-goal game since 2014.

The Bucs will play against Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina, Sep. 28.