After a long wait of 14 years, the much awaited sequel to Disney Pixar’s “The Incredibles” has finally been released.

Many die-hard fans of Pixar productions questioned whether a second movie was even in the works, but as time went on, more evidence came to light, trailers were posted and “Incredibles 2” finally hit the box office on June 15 of this year. Audiences were pleased, as evident in the movie’s nearly $1.2 billion profit, pushing it well into the slot for the second-highest grossing animated film ever made.

The most pressing issue audiences seem to have with this movie is the incredibly long wait for the second half of the story.

“I mean, sure, I liked it, but I would have preferred a sooner release,” said ETSU student Cody Tarlton.

While the original film focused on Mr. Incredible’s breakout return to the super world, the sequel begins right where the first left off, turning over a new leaf and putting Elastigirl in the spotlight. There were a few more key differences that movie-goers noted.

“I think that the character development didn’t hinder the story the way superhero ‘origin’ movies usually do,” said Travis Morgan, an attendee at Buctainment’s recent showing of the film. “The origins were already developed well enough to get a grasp on the characters and then go on with the movie.”

Along with this change, the film also centers more around the family bond between the Incredibles.

“I like the first one more, but the family was much stronger together in this one,” said Makayla Morgan, a Pixar enthusiast.

The change in family dynamics can somewhat be attributed to Mr. Incredible tackling the duties of the home for the first time. While parenting is a trial and error process, his learning and growth while his family changes is one of the more wholesome themes of the film.

“Incredibles 2” also introduces a new villain, Evelyn Deavor. The pun of her name speaks for itself. She is the “bad guy” that boosts the story along the right path to continue the uphill battle in support of superheroes.

All in all, “Incredibles 2” was a hit with audiences of all age groups in theaters and at the campus showing, spanning the width of time with a movie that can bring families and friends together.


Contributed by Zoe Reid