Why should students want to participate in research?

When ETSU students think about participating in research, they normally do so as a requirement for one of the classes they are in. Although, research can be more than just extra credit.

Research can cause you to learn more about yourself, what you’re studying, and can even help your peers.

“I remember hearing about a research study for the first time, and I don’t remember exactly what it was about,” ETSU student Whitney Bell said. “It was simple enough. I remember seeing the results after the study was over. I was floored that they could have gotten that much information out of the questions they asked. It was so intriguing.”

Bell has since participated in three more research studies.

“It feels rewarding, and it never takes up too much time,” she said.

One of the ongoing voluntary research studies coming from ETSU is testing the effects of noise exposure on the vestibular system, specifically for veterans.

According to National Institutes of Health’s Grantome, this research study is taking place at the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center in Johnson City.

The research’s purpose is to find out what underlying mechanisms cause hearing sensitivity and dysfunction in the brain. Researchers Faith W. Akins and Avril G. Holt state that noise-related auditory dysfunction is one of the most common Veteran service-connected conditions. The research has been put in place to find out why the noise affects balance and vestibular functions.

If you are interested in volunteering for this research or want more information, you can contact Jeanne Lilly at 423-926-1171 or the James H. Quillen Mountain Home VA at www.mountainhome.va.gov.

For more ways to get involved in research projects at ETSU, email research@etsu.edu.