As dating traditions shift, technology has impacted the way people form connections with others, including romantic relationships. More relationships are beginning and manifesting on social media platforms: Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, Facetime and texting. In fact, it is almost impossible to be in a romantic relationship today and not be connected at all online. With technology changing the way we communicate, it can negatively affect the way we involve ourselves romantically with others.

Many people have repeated how “chivalry is dead,” uttered mostly as a joke, but there seems to be more depth in this statement. Social media, Facetime and texting allow us to easily connect with others, despite any time spent apart or long distance. While technology can pull people closer together in communication, technology has also produced psychological distance by devaluing one’s time together face-to-face.

Originally, texting and talking on a phone was meant to be used in short periods of time to relay information that needed to be discussed quickly and could not be done in person. Now, couples spend hours of time talking on the phone and texting hundreds of texts every day. When texting or talking on a phone, an individual can miss out on a certain essence of a relationship: Companionship.

Consider how many dates you’ve been on, even if they’re just dates with friends, and how often someone pulls out their phone to play games, surf through social media or text someone else. When people say chivalry is dead, is it tradition they’re missing, or is simply missing the personal connections dating once held?

Chivalry and romance in technology involve less effort. Communication has become more accessible but gives people an excuse to focus on selfish individualism. There’s so much going on all at once on the web. It can be hard for some people to lay their phone down and live in the present.

The best memories and best moments of a relationship typically occur when two people are physically together. Technology and platforms such as social media, Facetime and texting are great tools to use in a relationship, but they can be easily abused.