On Friday, Oct. 19, the Adult, Commuter and Transfer office hosted an interactive game show in Brown Hall. The activity, titled “The Deal is Right!,” was based off the daytime television classic “The Price is Right!”

Four contestants were selected at random and brought to the stage, where they competed in various competitions that tested their retail knowledge. An item was presented by the host as he gave competitors the chance to guess the price without exceeding the value. The guest with the closest guess was then awarded the item and given the opportunity to play a second game to win a much larger prize, generally related to the first.

The prizes were extremely desirable for the typical college student. For example, after contestant and transfer student Travis Long won a pack of white copy paper, the host smiled and asked the audience, “What prize do you think should go with that?” The crowd was left astounded as he pulled a brand new wireless copy machine out from behind a table.

At the end of the night, two of the big-ticket winners and one additional audience member had the opportunity to trade in their prizes for a chance to win the night’s big mystery giveaway: A $100 Walmart gift card.

Prizes like this were presented throughout the night. All guests walked away with anything from a box of candy to a computer speaker system. The excitement of winning a fantastic reward paired with the lively, energetic host truly made for a night to remember.

This event was a part of ETSU’s Transfer Student Week, sponsored by ACTS.

“I wanted to do something big, something fun,” says Jennifer Rice, assistant director of the ACTS office. “It was just a way to promote transfer students and to showcase that we have a transfer population.”