This Halloween season, whether you’re in the mood for aliens, monsters, a good scare or an even better laugh, one movie holds it all. On Friday, Oct. 26, ETSU’s Buctainment held their yearly showing of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the Mini-Dome.

The story follows a young couple, Brad and Janet, as they set off on a late night out to tell their old high school teacher the news of their recent engagement. Things quite literally take a turn for the worst as Brad makes a wrong turn, resulting in a flat tire that leaves the two stranded outside Dr. Frank N. Furter’s castle. The couple are swept into a night of amazement, thrills and scientific wonder as Furter unveils his most precious creation – a “perfect” man, Rocky.

Buctainment President Courtney Fitzstevens played a big part in organizing the event and keeping up with their yearly showing.

“It’s a tradition,” she said. “It’s engaging; the crowd loves it. They get really into it!”

Buctainment did their part to make the showing special. Before the movie began, guests were given a gift bag containing what originally appeared to be, well, random junk. As the movie progressed, however, subtitles prompted audience members to use certain items in order to interact in real time with the show. For example, the audience threw birdseed along with the wedding guests in one scene of the movie. In another, guests were part of the onscreen celebration, launching confetti poppers in the air.

“I’ve even gone to the one in Knoxville, it’s hysterical!” said Tori Kean.

ETSU students Kean and Asheton Loreille are avid fans of the film, having been to multiple showings such as this one in the area through the years.

“I love that it’s interactive,” added Loreille. “You even get to dress up as the characters.”

Between the comedic storyline and the dramatic musical numbers, “Rocky Horror” is the must-see cult classic from the 70s you never knew you needed. Don’t let another Halloween go by without it.