On Halloween night, ETSU’s Black Affairs Association partnered with the CPA to throw their yearly Halloween party, Fright Night. Students were encouraged to wear their best Halloween looks and participate in a competitive costume contest for various prizes. In total, over 150 students attended, dressed as everything from cavemen to Ghostbusters.

(Photograph by Nobi Agwunobi / East Tennessean)

(Photograph by Nobi Agwunobi / East Tennessean)

President of the Black Affairs Association, Jimmy Young, shared his delight with the celebration.

“It’s one of our top events,” he said. “It’s a way that we try and give back to the organization. Space is really limited on campus, so this was a way that we could pull everyone together – bring in CPA members, bring in the students that they have here, and also bring in our own and really just come together. The good thing about it is that it is such a diverse event that welcomed everybody.”

The DJ was extremely interactive with the audience, taking requests from the crowd and encouraging people on the sidelines to get involved in the holiday fun. Later in the night, however, he passed the microphone to the students in charge of the event, and a large crowd gathered for the costume contest. There were many creative costumes in the mix. One ETSU student styled herself after Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” character Ursula, while another group of students entered as gory participants from “The Purge.”

In the end, the audience cheered on a trio of final winners. In third place was Deshayla Lazenby, a beautiful and unsettling undead bride. In second came Justin Keener, making a striking appearance as famous rap artist Post Malone complete with fake tattoos. First place was awarded to one of the most memorable groups of the evening, a trio of longtime friends in full cosplay as three renowned characters in the anime “Naruto.” ETSU upperclassman Bethany Thomasson dressed as main character Naruto; Rebecca Rasnick was Kakashi; and Abigail Rasnick was dressed as Sakura.

All in all, Fright Night was a major hit, and attendees are eagerly looking forward to what next year’s celebration will bring.

Party-goer Ashley Baxter, who sported a Bob Ross costume, enjoyed the party.

“I thought it was great!” she said. “I liked having the ability to hang out with my friends and also create new ones.”