The Trump Administration has said they want to define gender identity based solely on their biological sex at birth, which would legally and socially erase a million Americans who identity as a gender different from their sex.

Under the Obama administration, gender was defined as an individual choice that didn’t need to correlate with their sex, but according to the Trump administration, government identification should not be changed for transgender people, even if they underwent surgery or hormone supplements.

The anti-discrimination laws in place under the Obama administration, the positive effects that have favored the LGBTQ community, could be stripped in favor of a binary sex/gender system under the Trump administration. Though anti-discrimination laws have a ways to go in America – especially concerning private businesses, assigned gender bathrooms and prison systems – schools and shelters have adopted policies that are inclusive of all genders. Why would we take away rights already in place?

Trans people exist. Regardless of how the government wants to define someone’s sex, these people will still be here in America but without the identity they seek. Despite what conservative communities have said against trans people, their backlash will not erase what others feel and present themselves as individuals.

In my opinion, allowing transgender people to legally identify as their chosen gender makes logical sense. More policies need to be in place to make it easier for trans people to change their sex/gender on their government IDs.

For example, if a trans man goes to the airport and shows their ID, and their ID reads “female,” there’s going to be a controversy. A trans man will present themselves as male, so what benefit would be gained if the biological sex was stated rather than what the person identifies as? I can only assume it’s out of pride, of bigotry and of a refusal to accept others’ differences.

Let people identify as they want, legally and socially. Gender identity is the same as someone’s name: It’s a form of personal identification; it can change at any time; and a change shouldn’t need anyone else’s approval, but rather respect for the person and acceptance.

America has progressed in acceptance for the LGBTQ community, but this policy by the Trump Administration would take us back decades ago. “Make America Great Again” doesn’t mean great for everyone; it would mean great for the privileged and the few. We need to accept that America is moving forward, and must at all times be conscious of those who are seeking their rights and those who are seeking to take those rights away.