Every year I hear the same droning repetition about Black Friday: People who go out and shop aren’t really thankful on Thanksgiving.

Well, I disagree; I would argue that I’m just broke.

Thanksgiving is a time of year when everyone should take a step back and reflect on what they’re thankful for. My family practices that tradition too, but I don’t feel any less grateful on Black Friday. In fact, I feel even more blessed.

Everyone has their own reasons to go out on Black Friday, and regardless of what it is, I think it’s a positive event people build up to following Thanksgiving. Maybe someone wants to treat themselves to a new television, a new gaming console, new clothes or whatever it is they’ve denied themselves all year for this one day.

For me, Black Friday is when I get all of my Christmas shopping out of the way. I have a list of friends and family I’m shopping for, without much knowledge of what exactly I want to get them, and just spend the day prepping for Christmas.

Everyone says they’ve seen videos or heard stories where middle-aged women will fight over clothes for the best price, but let’s be honest, middle-aged women can be ridiculous every day of the year. If that’s the demographic that scares you most, you’re living in a good neighborhood.

As for the long lines and time spent shopping all day, I live for it. Take a friend so it’s an adventure. I’d argue my time is worth the money I’m saving. Online shopping works too, but that isn’t half the fun. You have to get out there and face the crowds.

Sure, Black Friday is a bit of a capitalist scheme to draw in more money, but I would argue Black Friday sells products actually closer to their worth. Companies sell their products higher than what it takes to make, because that’s what makes profit. Black Friday slashes these prices, allowing people to better afford the products they want. I’d say this tactic makes shopping more economically friendly.

Maybe it’s a sham, or maybe it’s the best capitalist event in America. Regardless, I’m certainly thankful for Black Friday and its accessibility to shoppers like me, who need big discounts for the oncoming Christmas season. If you haven’t gone, go. Everyone should do it once.