As the fall semester comes to a close, finals season creeps closer. For students with a heavy course load, that can mean lots of added stress. So, how do students deal with the stress of finals?

A quick google search will yield hundreds of ways for students to manage and cope with stress and for good reason. According to a 2017 article published by the American Psychological Association, 73 percent of all students who seek counseling do so for issues related to either stress or academic performance.

On top of that, a 2018 study published in the Depression and Anxiety medical journal found that three in four college students report feeling stressed. These stressors can weigh even more when it comes time for finals.

So how do college students deal with stress? For some, music and exercise may help and for others it could be as simple as taking a walk. For political science major Adam McMurtry, he chooses a different route to deal with the stress that comes with having six finals due in the final weeks of the semester.

“Personally I mediate, but a lot of times I’ll just light up a candle and just kind of sit there and relax while I push [stress] as far away as I can,” McMurtry said.

For computing major Audrey Chaffin, who has five final exams, she deals with stress by rewarding herself during the week and taking advantage of university programs to help students deal with stress.

“I definitely treat myself during finals week,” she said. “I get coffee from Starbucks or Einstein’s Bagels each day to help me stay awake, and I love the programs the Sherrod Library has during dead week to help de-stress before finals.”

Finals brings out stress for many students and for some (around 34.4 percent, according to the American College Health Association) it can negatively impact academic performance, compounding the effects of stress.

While stress may be part of being a college student, utilizing ways to help your mind de-stress and using effective study habits can go a long way toward keeping you in the right state of mind as you prepare for final exams.

For students unable to effectively manage stress on their own, ETSU has resources for students to take advantage of through the counseling center on campus, and there are also a multitude of online resources to help deal with and effectively manage stress.

The ETSU Counseling Center is located on the third floor of Dossett Hall and can be reached by phone at 423-439-3333.