Last Christmas, Netflix released “The Christmas Prince,” which was met with a ridiculous amount of success. For people with any social media account, you might remember the dozens of posts praising the Christmas rom-com.

One of my own Facebook friends posted, “I have watched ‘The Christmas Prince’ three times just this week. On Netflix. Highly recommend.” Due to the adoring fans of the first movie, Netflix released its sequel “The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” on Nov. 30 this year.

After Richard attains the Aldovian throne in the first movie, “The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” documents Amber’s and King Richard’s whirlwind of a royal engagement. With her father at the palace with her, Amber discovers her place as future queen of Aldovia while Richard decides how to rule the country. Spoiler alert: In the last ten minutes, Amber and Richard finally stand at the alter to be married and Amber is crowned queen of Aldovia.

During my viewing of “The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding,” sophomore Rachel Helms joined in on the entertainment. Although she enjoyed the original movie, she found that the sequel missed the mark.

“I thought the first movie was very cute, but ‘The Royal Wedding’ seemed a bit too cheesy for my taste,” Rachel noted.

Helms is not alone on her negative view of “The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.” A simple search online shows dozens of scathing movie reviews.

Constance Grady of “Vox” dubbed the sequel, “The ideal Hallmark Christmas movie – so dumb that it makes you feel smart because you can mock it while you’re half-paying attention and also a little bit drunk.”

Grady’s cutting remark is corroborated by Carly Mallenbaum of “USA Today.”  Mallenbaum called the movie “so awesomely bad, you must watch it.”

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Helms and the critics’ reviews of the movie. “The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” is extremely cheesy and humorously bad. With that being said, it is a Hallmark wannabe, so the producers were not attempting to make a cinematic masterpiece. Nonetheless, “The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” takes the cake for being the worst of all the Christmas rom-coms.