On Wednesday, Nov. 28, ETSU’s Collegiate Merchandising Association partnered with a local foster care closet program, Simple Methods In Loving Everyone, or SMILE, to host a children’s fashion show.

President of the CMA student organization Briana Nwokeji announced the event, bringing warm life to the cold runway as she introduced each fashion line.

“We are very glad the CMA, ETSU’s Fashion, Advertising and Promotion Class and the local nonprofit organization SMILE have all partnered together to host this fashion show for local foster children in the area,” said Nwokeji.

Girls from various age groups flaunted several different stylish clothing collections from many local businesses, including Hut 8, Monkeys, Whiskey Couture Boutique and more. A standout sponsor was SMILE board member Amanda Grace, owner of Whiskey Couture. Grace not only sponsored the event, but she also helped with the models’ hair and makeup, put together outfits, and after the show, allowed them to take home the clothing they had modeled from her store.

Audience member and supporter of SMILE Sonya McPherson said, “She did amazing work at the show. It’s so awesome to have gifted the girls as well.”

The show itself went off without a hitch. Each participant got their moment to shine, showing at least two outfits each to the audience, striking a pose and walking back to the start. The audience was extremely excited for the models and cheered loudly, showing their support.

“I loved it,” said foster mother Trinity Gibson. “I thought it was really fun, and it seemed like the girls all had a good time.”

For these girls, SMILE means a world of second chances. Many foster families require extra financial support when taking in children in need, and SMILE does their part to help them out by providing quality, stylish clothes the children will be happy to wear.