In the last meeting for the fall 2018 semester, the Student Government Association voted on which organizations would receive money from BucFund. This was the SGA’s third session of BucFund.

“We have three sessions in the fall and three sessions in the spring,” Secretary of Allocations, Cristopher Santana said. “This was the last session for the fall.”

Santana said that the money given to the organizations would mostly be going toward events that are happening in the spring. Six organizations asked the SGA for money, including the Black Affairs Association, the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement, and the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

“The meeting went really smooth,” Santana said. “The applicants were really precise in their applications, so our questions were answered by just reading the application.”

The Black Affairs Association and the ETSU Appalachia Service Project received the amount of money they requested from the SGA, with Black Affairs Association receiving $9,000 and ETSU Appalachia Service Project receiving $3,750. Other organizations, such as Alpha Phi Omega, received $1,620 out of the $2,400 they had asked from the SGA.

The organization that requested the largest amount of money was the SGA. They requested $25,000 to bring a speaker to ETSU for civility week in the spring.

“It’s something we started doing three years ago,” Santana said. “It’s a week for events that prompt civility awareness and diversity awareness. This time we are trying to get Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to be our keynote speaker.”

Out of all of the organizations, the SGA debated granting $25,000 longer than the other requests but ultimately decided to allot the money.

“The issue is that $25,000 is quite a big amount compared to the other applications we have,” Santana said. “They range between $2,000 and $10,000 dollars, and this was twice as much as we are used to. We wanted to make sure this is actually worth it.”

At the end of the meeting, the on campus funds were awarded $34,700 and off campus funds were awarded $21,640. This leaves the Buc Fund total at $24,166.