It’s the most stressful time of the year. Final exams are now upon us, but more importantly, winter break is also right around the corner. For ETSU students, plans over break range from traveling to sentimental family bonding time.

When asked about plans, a vast majority of students answered with “work” or “spending time with family,” but others gave some more interesting replies.

“I’ll work and ski, but most importantly I’ll spend time with my dogs,” said Lucy Medford, a senior from Waynesville, NC. “I’ll probably even get them matching sweaters.”

Another student said she will be working on special future plans over the break.

“I recently got engaged, so with my free time this winter break I’ll be planning my wedding,” said Brittany Donahue, a junior from Knoxville, TN. “I also would like to see Biltmore, if I have any time.”

Traveling is also a common thing to do over break. However, if you’re like Jason Maduafokwa, you’re not just taking a day trip to see your family, it’s much more extensive than that. Jason is Nigerian and always spends his Christmases in Africa with his family.

“First, I have a connection flight to New York,” said Maduafokwa. “Then I fly to Nigeria and will stay there for a few days. After that, I am spending a week in Dubai before coming back to school.”

Winter break kicks off officially at the end of next week after finals conclude. Whether your plans include traveling, matching sweaters with your dog, spending it with family or working, remember to have fun and be safe. The spring semester is only six weeks away.