Dr. Martin Luther King is known and remembered for his work, legacy and impact he left behind. Through the Martin Luther King Days of Service at ETSU, students are given the opportunity to begin their journey of helping others in honor of his memory.

Taking place on Monday, Jan. 21 and Saturday, Jan. 26, this event encourages students to break outside their comfort zone and learn what volunteering is all about.  

Ahliyah Gavin, who is the advisor for Volunteer ETSU, has been heavily involved in promoting these days of service.  

“This is a yearly event that we do every spring semester,” Gavin said. “We commemorate Martin Luther King by giving everyone a day off to serve, and this is a chance to give people more than one day so that all students can get involved.” 

Knowing where to begin when thinking about volunteering can be difficult. However, Gavin says the reason for events like these are to make students aware of everything they have at their disposal if they are interested in serving.  

“Something that we do, not just with the MLK Days of Service, but also with our service Saturdays is we try to help students realize the resources they have,” Gavin said. “They always have the chance to serve in their community.”

Getting to know the service community and other people involved is a big part of the event. Students will be able to explore different organizations as well as connect with like-minded volunteers.  

“They will be able to meet students who also want to serve,” Gavin said. “It’s also a chance for them to meet nonprofits in their community.”

The information given at the event will advise students on how to further pursue volunteer work even after days of service are over.  

“They can serve year-round,” Gavin said. “We try to use this event to help them realize this is their chance to get out and serve different nonprofits.”

Gavin explains that it seems only right to promote these days in honor of someone who was the embodiment of what service means.  

“As for the meaning behind it, it’s really our way of commemorating Martin Luther King’s work.” Gavin said. “I think it really ties into one quote that I hear for this program which is ‘everybody can be great because everyone can serve’,” she said.

Students can register for this event online at www.etsu.edu/MLK-DAY-OF-SERVICE. For more information about the event or other volunteer opportunities, contact serve@etsu.edu.