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On Friday, Jan. 18, Buctainment hosted a showing of the Marvel Entertainment film “Venom.” Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the movie features Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed in a thrilling and hilarious superhero movie based on the Marvel comic character Venom. 


After a series of bad decisions, Eddie Brock’s (Hardy) life is changed forever as he finds himself separated from the love of his life, Anne Weying (Williams), and in need of vengeance against the billionaire scientist Carlton Drake (Ahmed). After a period of joblessness and wallow, Brock discovers Drake’s plan of inserting alien symbiotes into human bodies.

After snooping about Drake’s lab, Brock accidentally becomes another of Drake’s experiments as the symbiote by the name of Venom jumps into Brock’s body. After a series of blood-pumping fight scenes, all of which filled with hilarious commentary, Brock and Venom decide to literally work as one to save the planet from Drake and his symbiote Riot. 

It is no stretch to say that the movie was a hit among movie-goers in Ball Hall. Complete with frequent laughter and crowd participation, students of the audience fell in love with Hardy and the anti-hero Brock/Venom. From beginning to end, audience members were captivated by the exciting and quirky action-packed “Venom.”

“It was wonderful,” ETSU junior Kiearra Rogers-Fontenot noted after the showing. “I had no expectations coming from the movie, and it was great.”

Rogers-Fontenot was not alone in her praises of the movie. ETSU senior Amber Rookstool also loved the Marvel film. 

“I thought it was hilarious,” Rookstool said. “It was really good.”

The comedy and action were not the only upsides of the movie either. As an English major and creative writing minor, Rookstool couldn’t help but analyze the film further, and she was not disappointed with what she found. 

“With my literary mind, I kept seeing a lot of after-life of the Bible,” said Rookstool. “There were definitely some gender-roles in there too with how Venom took over the woman and then shows the female figure. My literary mind loved all the symbolism in there.” 

Altogether, Buctainment’s showing of “Venom” was an absolute hit. Complete with comedy, action and literary symbolism, “Venom” offered a little bit of entertainment for everyone.