For the vast majority of students on campus, meal plans are their main source of food, and within those meal plans, there is access to what are known as ID BUC$. These “BUC$” can be used to buy food and items all over campus. But did you know they can be used off campus, too?

There are many restaurants, grocery stores and even pharmacies around Johnson City that accept these ID BUC$. Perhaps you need to get some paper towels or shampoo but don’t have any money at that moment? Just head to Kroger or CVS and swipe your ID card to use your ID BUC$.

The same concept works for food, too. Maybe you’re tired of eating at the Culp’s Marketplace and are craving pizza? With your ID BUC$, you can choose from Domino’s (just a block past the off-campus bookstore) Marco’s (across the street from Earth Fare) or Mellow Mushroom (about 4 miles from campus, heading towards Bristol).

ID BUC$ teams up with several of the participating locations each month to provide limited time offers. For the upcoming month, students that use ID BUC$ can receive a large three-topping pizza from Marco’s for only $10.99. Other offers include 12 Krystal’s burgers for $7.99 and a free cookie with each purchase from Subway. 

So don’t worry if you’re low on cash, you can still go out to eat with friends just by swiping your student ID – just make sure to keep an eye on your funds. To check you ID BUC$ balance you can visit and log in using your ETSU login. 

Additionally, ID BUC$ work with all campus Pepsi vending machines and most snack vending machines. ID BUC$ can be used to pay parking fees, buy postage, pay tuition, buy a new ID, and pay fees at the CPA on campus.

Money can be added to ID BUC$ accounts by using the GET app, depositing cash at cash machine (located in the library at Einstein’s or in the Garage C-store), or at the ID Services desk in the CPA.

This week for Super Bowl Sunday, Buffalo Wild Wings is ID BUC$ merchant of the week.

For the full list of participating locations for this calendar year and to see future monthly offers, you can also check the ID BUC$ website.