Campus Recreation offers many unique experiences to students attending ETSU. From martial arts to yoga classes, students can find many things to do. One unique experience coming to the CPA is the Try Scuba program.

“The Try Scuba classes were started to provide a unique experience that might lead some to scuba certification and a lifelong sport they can enjoy,” Assistant Director of Student Activities Carter Warden said.

Warden said that the Try Scuba program has been offered by professional dive shops for many years, and since ETSU offers a credit for scuba diving it was decided they would offer the Try Scuba program.

“The main goal is to simply let people experience what it’s like to use scuba equipment safely and feel what it’s like to breathe underwater,” Warden said. “Students learn some basic information about scuba, and determine if they are comfortable underwater before they commit to a full certification class.”

Warden said that the Try Scuba course is not a class that lets students become dive certified.

“Certification takes weeks of classroom and pool training sessions,” Warden said.

Warden said that due to popularity, the CPA is offering three experiences during the spring semester on Jan. 31, March 21, and April 18 at the CPA pool. The class is $10 a person.

“This is a discounted rate for a class that normally costs $30 to $45,” Warden said. “Participants must also read and sign a waiver and health statement to participate. All equipment is provided. Students just show up at the pool in a swimsuit and T-shirt.”

Warden hopes that when students take the course it will show them a new activity they might enjoy.

“Students will know if they are interested in taking a scuba certification class,” Warden said. “They will gain a small amount of knowledge about scuba equipment and personal experience scuba diving.”