Director Peter Farrelly’s newest comedy-drama, “The Green Book,” has left audiences absolutely stunned, receiving standing ovations from theaters across the country. An employee from Cookeville’s AMC Classic, Julia Peacock, saw firsthand the reactions of movie-goers to the showings.


“Everyone seems just awestruck when they leave the movie,” said Peacock. “’The Green Book’ really represents human emotion in the best and worst ways. You see the two characters become friends under awful circumstances. It really just makes for a movie you don’t want to miss.”

“The Green Book” follows the life of Tony Lip, a tough Italian-American bouncer living in New York in the early 1960s. Tony is hired as an escort and driver for Dr. Don Shirley, an African-American pianist for the Don Shirley Trio, as he embarks on a journey performing through the Deep South. As the duo learn more about each other and overcome their prejudices, they soon develop a friendship that spans for years to come.

The story behind the film is based on a true story. At the conclusion of the film, snips from photos of the real Dr. Shirley and Tony are shown, as well as updates from how their lives progressed after their monumental trip. “The Green Book” is also based on an actual novel. In the 1940s, “The Green Book” was published and served as an important guide. It contained a list of establishments in the south that were regarded as safe for African-American travelers to visit and stay.

“The Green Book” has finished out the awards season with several significant nominations and a few huge wins. At the 2019 Golden Globes, the film took home the Golden Globe Award for both Best Screenplay and Best Motion Picture. Mahershala Ali, who played Dr. Don Shirley in the film, also took home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. With this much acclaim, it is safe to say this film is deserving of views from audiences everywhere.