Falling in love with learning is what started Dr. Paul Kamolnick’s journey to becoming a sociology professor at ETSU.

“I’ve always been interested in the ‘why’ questions,” Kamolnick explained.

A graduate of Florida State University, Dr. K – as he’s known in the sociology department – has been teaching classical and contemporary theory at ETSU for nearly thirty years. And even now he still finds himself with a strong passion for knowledge.

“The most rewarding part of being a professor is learning,” he said. “The word ‘scholar’ means student. I love to learn, but I also love being optimistic and creating a passion for belief in oneself and for learning in young people. I feel like a dad.”

Being a dad is something Kamolnick has continued to embrace outside of his professional career as well. Now that his own three children have grown up, he and his wife have started to foster children in need from around the Johnson City area.

“We went through all the classes in 2016 and had our house approved to foster,” he said. “I love being a dad, and I love to watch my wife mother children.”

Kamolnick teaches a wide variety of classes on campus, ranging from the entry level “Introduction to Sociology” all the way to “Sociology of Global Terrorism.” His teaching of terrorism and counterterrorism stems from his many years of work and study as a private contractor for the U.S Army.

“I was successful in getting three monographs contracted with the Army over a 6-year period,” he said.

Kamolnick has devoted his life to the understanding the ‘why’ questions and will continue to do so as he helps others on their own journey.