If you’re into history, crime and horror, look no further than Netflix’s “The Ted Bundy Tapes” for your next binge session.

Ted Bundy, dubbed by many as one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, killed 30 plus victims during the 1970s.

The documentary starts with Bundy’s early life, which was fairly stable and normal – in his opinion, at least. From there it begins to build the story of each of his victims, while also showing how charismatic and seemingly normal he was.

The majority of the documentary is narrated by Bundy himself as he discusses his crimes in the third person to Detective Bob Keppel (who also narrates his own perspective), and it is clear how Bundy’s intelligence allowed him to stay under police detection for so long.

 As each episode progresses, it is hard to take your eyes away from the screen, as it does a fantastic job of outlining nearly every murder in great detail, most times to a point that can make the viewer feel a little uncomfortable. 

The documentary currently holds a 52 percent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Perhaps the most ridiculously infuriating part of this story is that nobody listened to or believed women throughout the whole effing thing,” wrote Cosmopolitan citric, Hannah Chambers.

Each episode is roughly an hour, and it is very likely you will binge-watch them all in one sitting. 

“When your first thought is how much the murderer would have loved to see this day, you know you’ve got a problem,” wrote Guardian citric, Lucy Mangan.