On Tuesday, the SGA granted BUC Fund money to organizations that submitted applications.

“I’m happy that we got money for our organization,” Senator Austin Cable, a member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America, said. “Me and my fellow senator, Connor , who is also a part of the YDSA. decided to stay quite during the session. We didn’t want to have any influence that other organizations wouldn’t be able to have. So we’re happy that the Senate decided to fund us.”

Cable said that the $2,250 granted by the SGA would go toward increasing political activity on campus.

“We’re going to the national winter conference in San Francisco,” Cable said. “There we’re going to learn how to do workshops on how to make the campus more politically active, and learning how to do campaigns. I think that having a more diverse political field is important.”

Out of the 11 organizations asking to receive money from BUC Fund, 10 received funding. The Patchwork Players received $1,500, the Strategic Media Club received $2,250, the ETSU Model UN received $1,500 and the Chinese Student Association received $2,050. The Timmy Global Health organization did not appear at the BUC Fund committee meeting, so they were not able to receive funding.

With the money distributed to the 10 organizations, there is now $3,610 left in the BUC Fund budget for the semester.

“In the final BUC Fund session we are able to draw from money in the fall for events taking place in the fall,” Senator Adam Rosenbalm said.

A resolution was introduced in SGA that allows for an increase in pay for adjunct faculty.

“I hope it will be a very visible statement by the elected representatives of the student body regarding what we see as an injustice towards educators,” Senator Connor McClellan said. “If you look at the data I supplied when I wrote it, it talks about how it’s been 21 years since there’s been an across the board pay raise. Their wages are lagging far behind inflation … I’m asking for an adjustment to inflation.”

McClellan said that the resolution allows for a base pay of $1,000 per credit hour to adjust to inflation. He also said that the resolution calls for a bi-annual review to make sure pay is adjusted to inflation. Now that the resolution had been seen the first time, McClellan said it has to be sent to committee and then back to the Senate.

“At the next meeting hopefully we’ll have a Senate vote on the Senate’s position on the bill,” McClellan said.