With Valentine’s Day in the middle of Black History Month, ETSU’s Unapologetically Black is taking the opportunity to utilize one of America’s most popular holidays to help foster discussion surrounding black love and interracial relationships on Thursday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. inside Wilson-Wallis Hall, room 204.

The discussion, which is meant to spark conversation, is meant to help Unapologetically Black understand how black love is perceived on campus and what effect media has on the perception of black love.

“I think it’s very important [to have these events], and I think it’s important for me to have these discussions and these events in an attempt to change the racial climate on campus,” said Brook’ale Anderson, Chairwoman for Unapologetically Black. “It’s a good way to educate the public.”

Anderson said some of the major questions they want to hear answers about are if people feel black love exists and whether or not people feel you can be “pro-black” while in an interracial relationship.

“I think [the questions] are important to this campus,” said Anderson. “This is a primarily white institution, so there aren’t many that know, first-hand, the experience of black love, and I think it’s my job to educate [them].”

All students are encouraged to show up, not only for this event, but for all other events being hosted by Unapologetically Black and ETSU throughout the month of February.

“If we educate the different races on our culture and our history and just bring that value to us that has been stripped away over time, then hopefully they can start us as equal,” said Anderson.

“Black Love/Interracial Relationships” is just one of many events and discussions being hosted by university organizations over the course of Black History Month, as there are still eight events scheduled before the month concludes.

The remaining events are the National Pan-Hellenic Council Informational (Feb. 18), “The Accomplishments of James Farmer, a Major Leader of the Civil Rights Movement” (Feb. 19), The Poetry Café (Feb. 19), Trap n’ Paint/Color (Feb. 20), the “Evening of Elegance” dance (Feb. 23), Black History Month Concert with performances by the ETSU Gospel and International Choirs (Feb. 24), movie “The Hate You Give”/discussion “Black Stereotypes — Breaking the Chains” (Feb. 25) and ‘A Place for All People: Introducing the National Museum of African American History and Culture” (through Feb. 22).