Valentine’s Day is a holiday to make people in love feel even better about their relationship status and everyone else feel bad that they’re lonely. Don’t “@” me.

Last Valentine’s Day I sat in my dorm room alone wishing my roommate would get back from her date early because I didn’t want to be alone all night. This Valentine’s Day, I have plans with my boyfriend. I’m convinced there’s no in between.

I think “Galentine’s” celebrations are great, but what are we doing at them? We’re wining and whining. Even if we aren’t whining, we’re putting on brave faces to say, “It’s okay if I’m alone forever. I have great friends,” but we secretly hate that we feel forever alone. Also, is there a male equivalent of Galentine’s Day? What do you call it when guys get together for Valentine’s Day? Do guys do that? Do guys not worry about being single until they die?

Then there’s the problem with people who are in relationships. While many people may actually be in love, there are also those in relationships with many problems. Valentine’s Day is not a “get out of jail free” card. Your chocolate and roses do not make up for your lack of commitment, emotional neglect or whatever bad and toxic behavior you bring to the relationship. If you’re a great partner on Feb. 14 but not the other 364 days, you need to reevaluate. You are not “goals” with your giant teddy bear.

And as someone who has spent years rolling my eyes at all the couples on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t this holiday just make everyone sick? The last thing anyone wants to see on a holiday where they already feel alone is a bunch of happy couples. I’d be happier to see all the single folks sharing photos of their Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while watching “The Notebook” on Valentine’s Day. At least that’s realistic for everyone.

Maybe having a valentine this year will change my mind, but I’m still skeptical of this holiday. It just seems like a great way for greeting card, flower, chocolate and stuffed animal companies to make a lot of money at one time while making everyone feel either fantastic or horrible about themselves.