Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in any number of ways. For instance, relaxing and watching a popular movie could be a great alternative to going out on the town. Movies hold infinite potential to make the evening one to remember, so consider enjoying a night in with one of these favorites.

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A popular seasonal movie among college students is “Valentine’s Day,” a romantic comedy released in 2010.

“It has 10 different couple’s stories, and they’re all intertwined,” says movie lover Corey McGill. “It’s really interesting to see all the couple’s stories connect.”

The film follows the ups and downs of love from the perspectives of several different couples in Los Angeles. If the plot is not enough to draw in an audience, it also features a star-studded cast, with leads such as Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, and even George Lopez.

“It’s just so cute and funny!” raves ESTU student Amaya Adams.

“‘The Choice!’” exclaims film lover Breanna Roberts when asked about her favorite romantic movie. “I love ‘The Choice.’ It was such a good, unexpected love story.”

Nicholas Sparks has made a name for himself by creating intricate love stories based on relatable and heart-warming characters, and his 2016 film adaptation “The Choice” is no exception. Stable medical student Gabby Holland has her life turned upside down when she and her long-term boyfriend move next door to the young, ever-charming Travis Shaw. Soon, a romance like no other sparks between the unlikely couple, and they are faced with the realities of keeping their love alive.

Another Nicholas Sparks film that fits the vibe of the season is “The Vow.” Channing Tatum takes the stage as newlywed husband Leo. The marital bliss is gone too little, too late, however, when his wife Paige falls into a coma and awakens with severe memory loss. Leo begins the long journey to win her back, reminding her of how they fell in love as Paige struggles to recall relationships between him, her parents, and her old flame.

“’The Longest Ride’ is another one of my favorite movies ever,” adds Roberts. “I really like how the guy character, the cowboy, is portrayed.”

When their romance becomes strained based on their personal goals, college student Sophia and her boyfriend, the former bull riding champion Luke, seek advice from a man whose love for his wife lasted through decades.  

Some movies easily pass the test of time with flying colors. For example, the 1989 coming-of-age classic “Say Anything” steals the hearts of audiences even to this day.

“That iconic 80’s movie scene where he has the boombox outside the girl’s window?” said movie buff Sierra Lane. “I love it!”

This film follows the story of Lloyd, the unlikely sweetheart, as he struggles to win the heart of high school beauty queen Diane. Even if he manages to get the girl, can he convince her divorced father that he has only the best intentions?

Some people may prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day by reminiscing on the camaraderie between family and close friends. One newer movie that really emphasizes the importance of this kind of love is “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” This animated film follows New York teenager Miles Morales as he uses the support of his newfound friends to embrace his destiny and become his world’s new Spider Man.

“It has a really fun storyline and the animation is amazing,” said local fan Octabio Ruiz. “Very well done!”