As ETSU’s spring semester gets underway, so too does the Department of Housing and Resident Life’s search for new resident advisors.

Resident advisors are selected after going through a thorough application process, that includes attending an informational session, sending in an application, attending an RA preview and then two interviews. From there, the Department of Housing and Resident Life reviews all the applications again and contacts those chosen in late March or early April.

The deadline for applications has already passed on Feb. 1, but for those looking to become a RA in the future, it’s not to early to do so. RA candidates must also have lived on campus for at least one semester.

“Really at any point in time during a student’s time on campus, they can start thinking about an RA position,” said Adrianna Guram, associate director for Residence Life. “Really at any point in time we would welcome contact at our main office or for students to speak with their RA or RD to get a better sense of what the position is.”

It’s also important to note that being an RA is an actual job. RA’s are expected to work 20 hours a week over the course of a semester, with all the regular rules and regulations that come with having a job. According to Guram, RA’s gain valuable experience from these positions, while also gaining skills that are transferable to nearly all future careers.

“There are so many transferable skills that come out of the RA position,” she said. “You gain communication skills, learn how to interact with people from different backgrounds, organizational skills—there are so many parts of the RA position that absolutely translate to any career field.”

While there’s no one specific type of candidate the department looks for, there are certain skills they look for in candidates. However, Guram notes that that does not necessarily mean you have to be an extremely outgoing extrovert to be a successful RA.

“We’re looking for people who are able to build and maintain a community that’s going to engage with students and that’s help them be successful academically and personally,” she said. “We need folks who are going to be able to build connections with those people. We want folks who are invested in the job.”

For those wanting more information about the RA position on campus, the Department of Housing and Residence Life can be reached by phone at 423-439-4446 and by email at