The ETSU Farmers Market has undergone some changes to spice up the new year.

The market is now open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. In previous semesters, the market has only been open once a week on Thursdays.

“We want more people to come to the market,” said Hannah Gossett, Farmers Market spokesperson. “We realized that some students don’t have class on Thursday, so essentially we thought this would reach even more students and faculty.”

The Farmers Market also has new look.

“We also have decided we are going to switch up the branding each season to keep it fresh and new,” Gossett said. “We want to change the colors along with the new semesters.”

The Market, like in the past, is still being involved in other events so keep an eye out for those. Many of the classics are returning this semester, such as Mimi’s Creamery, Trucky Cheese, Charlotte’s Florals, Blue Sphinx, Mason Joe Coffee, Auntie Ruth’s, Tamale Vendor and Street Eats.

New faces are also starting to pop up such as Telos, a coffee bean vendor. They will also be looking to add more vendors throughout the semester to keep things fresh.

The Market has also created a new Snapchat account @etsufm. Another big change is that the Market has moved back into being a student-lead event, and they are always looking for volunteers.

More information about the market can be found on the social media pages for the Farmers Market at ETSU or by emailing