The Drive to 55 movement has given those who want a college education the opportunity to do so. The movement’s aim is to have 55 percent of Tennessseans holding a college degree or certificate by 2025 in an effort to help older adults who want to finish or start school.

One of the institutions supporting this movement is ETSU’s Sevierville Center, which is as a satellite campus for students.

Sevierville, like the main campus, offers undergraduate and graduate programs. It gives those who may not want to travel to Johnson City to attend the main campus the ability to still get an education from the institution closer to where they live.

This is a financial convenience for students near the Knoxville area who do not want to strain their wallets or simply need a year to adjust to college before making a big move.

Dr. Richard Osborn, who works in the School of Continuing Studies, wrote the grant that would help support the Drive to 55 movement.

“I wrote the grant, with help from Facilities and Nursing,” said Osborn.”It was part of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s Drive to 55 Project Capacity Fund Grant.”

Dr. Osborn wants students to know Drive to 55 is for everyone.

“Besides the Nursing Lab, [the grant] also funded the Collaborative Learning Lab,” said Osborn. “The CLL has a combination of lounge seating and work tables that allow for a mobile and flexible learning environment – encouraging teamwork, problem solving and group discussion.”

With the help of integrated power throughout the space, it will also help students financially by not having to buy laptops, since there will be more opportunity to use the computers on campus.

With the help of the grant, ETSU can aim to become one of the top choices in the state for students, specifically the Sevierville campus.