Marketing major Amanda Lucey is a junior at the ETSU Sevierville Center, and despite the smaller size and distance from the main campus, Lucey has experienced no shortage of opportunities.

“My experience at the ETSU campus in Sevierville has been that of a positive one,” said Lucey. “The teachers and administrators here work extremely hard to ensure that all students feel as though this campus is just as connected with its students as the main campus.”

Smaller class sizes and close student-professor relationships are just two aspects of the Sevierville campus that Lucey sees as an advantage to her education.

“The professors truly care about the topics they are teaching and the success of their students in class and after graduation,” said Lucey. “Students feel more comfortable in class and are more willing to ask questions to receive the help they need.”

As a local to Sevierville, Lucey appreciates the support ETSU’s campus holds for the city, and she expresses that the partnership with “Partners in Progress” is an organization that recognizes that.

“After graduating, I plan on continuing to work at my family business as the assistant director until eventually running the company myself one day,” said Lucey.

With a family run business in tourism called the “RainForest Adventure Discovery Zoo,” marketing was the best fit for Lucey’s future career path. Continuing her families work is what Lucey has her eyes set on, and she feels confident her experience in Sevierville is what’s preparing her for that.

“Marketing/management and tourism go hand in hand,” said Lucey.

Networking and opportunities are a students’ focus, and that can make it hard when it comes to participating in extracurricular activities.

“Working full-time and being a full-time student limit the amount of time for extracurricular activities, but because I love my job it seems like [an extracurricular] to me,” said Lucey. “I also enjoy hiking.”