Dr. Eugene Scheuerman is a forensic pathologist professor here at ETSU.

Although Scheuerman is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, he was once stationed in central Louisiana, where he says he became quite interested in the forensic department through field experience.

“Opportunities to teach and practice university-based forensic pathology from my home state is what brought me here and continues to stimulate my interest,” he said.

In 1980, Scheuerman was a director in an emergency department in Louisiana and ended up in part with a local coroner’s office. While doing so, he assisted in his own investigations, visited scenes and even worked with the autopsies. Because of this, he became intrigued with this field and desired to run for coroner. He was elected, and his major interest of becoming a forensic pathologist followed.

Prior to coming to ETSU, Scheuerman had quite the medical background and experience of work in this department. Most of his career has been in Tennessee, but he has resided in multiple states with different jobs.

From 1966 to 1967, he attended Florence State College, which is now the University of North Alabama. He then attended Memphis State University and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1970, followed by the University of Tennessee medical school in Memphis where he gained his doctorate degree in 1973.

Scheuerman not only received training at a university, but also in the U.S. Air Force, where he received two years experience in family medicine, flight medicine and hyperbaric medicine. During this time, he worked as a family physician and flight surgeon, ending his time there at the end of 1977.

Because he practiced emergency medicine only part-time on active duty, he was able to practice emergency medicine full-time following that.

In 1981, Scheuerman began residency in pathology at Louisiana State University. Following his residency, he completed a fellowship through the Miami Office of the Medical Examiner, in reference to the University of Miami. He completed this accomplishment in 1985.

Scheuerman has been ETSU for the past five years.  

“I teach medical students and pathology residents, law enforcement officers, primarily while performing autopsies,” said Scheuerman.