Plans for the new and improved Marketplace on campus were discussed during Tuesday’s SGA meeting.

Kelvin Tarukwasha, general manager of Sodexo, which is the company employed by ETSU to handle the Marketplace and other on-campus restaurants, explained to SGA what students can expect this summer and next semester. 

“We will have the final version of the Marketlace starting in August,” Tarukwasha said. “We should be opening around August 21, and we are looking forward to that.”

Tarukwasha explained that the company is working to provide more options for students as well as more space for them to dine.  

“We will have the same number of platforms but just much bigger with more options,” Tarukwasha said. “Our seating space will be more abundant.”

Along with the improvements that will come with the renovations, Tarukwasha also wanted to remind students of current things available to them and encourage everyone to take advantage of that. 

“We have a registered dietician on our staff,” he said. “A lot of students don’t know that. Our dietician does one on one and group consults. It is completely free for faculty and staff.”

Students will also be able to plan their meals, see what is available to them and give feedback on their food right at their fingertips through a new app that will be offered.  

“One of the main things we are really trying to push is our app,” Tarukwasha said. “It’s called the Bite app. We encourage students to download this app because that’s where you’re able to see the menu and give us helpful feedback.” 

All students that live on campus are required to have what is called the silver meal plan.  Tarukwasha has been working to ensure students feel like they are getting what they paid with their plans.

“Sometimes students tell me that they didn’t get what they paid for, so the idea is that it is unlimited meals,” Tarukwasha said. 

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