One phone call can change a life. It’s even more intriguing how at the time of that call you never really know how it will impact you later. That’s how the Rev. Vincent Dial came to ETSU.

Because of this call, Dial now helps ETSU football players progress on their spiritual and physical journeys.

“When the program came back, I came to campus because I heard that a good friend and former teammate of mine had been elected to be the new head coach,” said Dial. “Coach Torbush invited me to come out to the press day and say a few words. Ever since then, I’ve been helping the team. That’s pretty much how I got in here at ETSU. After Coach Torbush retired, I was blessed with the opportunity to keep working with the team under Coach Sanders.”

Dial embraces his role with the team and prides himself on helping each athlete grow as a man. His life experiences have shaped him into the knowledgeable and faithful man he is today.

Alongside his work with ETSU’s football team, Dial also serves as the minister at Bethel Christian Church and as the chaplain for Science Hill High School’s football team as well. He combines his passions of football and faithfulness into ways that allow him to continually help and serve others in the community. 

Dial’s hard work and dedication have given him an honorable status in the Johnson City area. Those who know him say he is the perfect representation of following one’s personal journey, a journey that is destined by a higher power.