On Monday, April 22, ETSU will host an Earth Day Fair on the Quad from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This event will be a unique celebration of the vibrant life found on Earth as well as an educational opportunity to learn more about how humans impact the environment in which they live.

The Earth Day Fair was brought about by the combined efforts of the sophomore class of Roan Scholars at ETSU and their dedication to improving sustainability on campus. One of the students that has been pivotal to the creation and planning of this event is scholar Cierra Linka.

“We decided that sustainability … is something the campus needs to come together around just because we haven’t seen that happen yet,” Linka said about the group’s decision to hold the fair. “More importantly, all of us being in Appalachia, we felt the need to support our region.”

The Earth Day Fair is just the beginning of a much broader mission for the Roan Scholars. According to Linka, the event will actually serve as a kick off for next year’s sustainability month in October. In that same month, ETSU will have the first of many more intense annual sustainability weeks.

The event itself promises hours of fun for students, faculty, staff and the public in attendance.

“We will have inflatables, different booths from the community coming in offering free things and knowledge about what they do for sustainability in our community, as well as games, shirts and giveaways,” Linka said.

Groups participating in this event include ETSU’s EcoNuts, the Department of Sustainability and ETSU’s Outdoor Adventure, all of which Linka credits with partnership in creating the fair.

“Earth Day Fair is going to be about fun!” Linka said. “More than anything, we just want students to get engaged, get involved and get excited about sustainability … This is just going to be students coming together to have fun in the Quad on Earth Day.”