As students approach graduation day, many wonder about their future plans. Students must decide if they are going to further their education or join the workforce. Despite most students waiting to decide, some make the decision when they first enter school. Obtaining a master’s degree allows you to be competitive when searching for your dream job after college.

College can be daunting, and after paying thousands of dollars to go to school, you want to ensure you can make that money back. According to BigFuture, the average in-state student spends $9,410 at a public four-year college yearly, and the average out-of-state student spends $23,890 yearly. Although many argue that entering graduate school is another way to give universities your money, receiving a master’s degree can make you qualified for higher paying jobs in many different careers.

Most people take the save and come back approach, but I recommend going right into it. Many students graduate with a bachelor’s degree and look for a job in order to save up or gain a little experience before entering graduate school. Although this approach goes well for some, it’s had its fair share of flopping for most. It’s easy to say you are going back to school, but the trouble comes when life hits. During this break you can start a family, which doesn’t prevent you from going to school, but it does make it more challenging. Others simply just check out of school mode. After years of working and being away from school, it’s challenging to transition back. These repercussions are the reasons I believe it’s a smarter decision to jump right in.

Receiving a master’s degree not only shows you gained more knowledge, but it also speaks to your character. It shows that you are a hard worker and you are willing to go the extra mile. Going back to receive my master’s was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because it gave me more time to gain experience and learn about the industry I want to be in.