If you know Dr. Robert Sawyer, then you know he is extremely passionate about Shakespearean literature and its impact on society. His enthusiasm for the famous poet and playwright has lead him to publish many works, including his newest book, “Shakespeare Between the World Wars.”


“The idea for the book came from research I was doing on my last book, ‘Marlowe and Shakespeare: The Critical Rivalry,’ specifically when I was working on the 20th-century reception of the playwrights,” said Sawyer. “I’m also a history buff, so writing about the gap years between the World Wars gave me a chance to revisit those interests. I was also thrilled to write a book that covered less than 40 years instead of the 400-year span in ‘The Critical Rivalry’ book.”

Sawyer’s newest book has found some relevance in today’s issues as well, as it discusses the unrest, trade wars, immigration and nationalism that lead to World War II – all of which have come to the forefront of media again with Brexit and President Trump. Sawyer considers the most important theme of the book to be that history repeats itself.

Robert Sawyer

“Perhaps the most interesting thing related to the time it took to write the book is that it was contracted in 2016, so before ‘The Critical Rivalry’ book,” said Sawyer. “But about half way through the new book, I told my editor about ‘The Critical Rivalry’ monograph, and they asked me to finish that one first and then go back to ‘Shakespeare Between the World Wars. As it turns out, this book is much more timely today than if I had finished it in 2016 before Brexit and the American presidential election.”

His newest book can be found online online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and just about anywhere else you can buy books.