Going to college is extremely exciting, not just because of new life adventures, but also because of the new people you take those adventures with.

Not every adventure is a fun one, however, especially when it comes to living with another person. Tempers are tested and toes are stepped on.

ETSU student Olivia Moses can tell you first hand how awful some roommates can be in her new sitcom, “Roommates.”

“Roommates” is a web series that is written and directed by Moses and is set to air on YouTube on Feb. 26. 56b8ba38d3c3f.image

Reagan James auditioned for the series at the end of last semester.

“Once the leads were cast, the group met as a whole for the first time in January just before school started back,” James said. “The cast is fairly extensive with characters that come and go; however, there are three of us that will be in every episode. Olivia really wanted to find a cast for this series that college students can relate to.”

James plays Madison Brown, who goes by Madi. She is a fun, loving and extremely girly sorority girl.

According to James, most of the cast and crew are students at ETSU, but Moses is really open to having anyone help out if it will benefit the series.

“I love this series because there are so many experiences that I have had in college that relate to this show,” James said. “There is definitely going to be something in each episode that all college students can relate to, and there will absolutely be moments that will make you laugh.”

James also commented that it’s great to be around so many talented people on set and know that they will be supportive and helpful in any way they can.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity to work on this series,” James said. “I hope that others will watch it and grow to love it as much as everyone involved has.”