The East Tennessean, the student-run newspaper of East Tennessee State University, serves the ETSU community by acting as the watchdog of the campus and covering occurrences on and around campus with fairness and objectivity.

Printed by the Elizabethton Star every Monday and Thursday during the academic year, the East Tennessean is distributed to most university buildings and can be obtained for free from one of the publication’s many racks.


Every semester, we aim to hire staff writers and editors with diverse interests and footholds in organizations and departments around campus. These writers and editors act as the newspaper’s experts on their particular topics of interest, allowing the newspaper to more adequately cover as much of university life as possible.  
Every other year, the Department of Sociology conducts a readership survey for the newspaper. This survey focuses on awareness, where and when students and faculty access the newspaper’s content and the areas the newspaper’s readers would like to see improved upon. In addition to the survey, newspaper leaders are constantly engaged in a discussion about ways to better the publication. 
We are actively engaged in expanding our multimedia presence. Last year, we created a YouTube channel that showcases our video news coverage. This year, we are working on expanding our video news coverage to encompass three days a week instead of two and creating a podcast that will feature newspaper leaders. 
The newspaper is constantly interacting with its readers. We are active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and accept letters to the editor and guest columns from readers as space allows. Anyone interested in getting in touch with newspaper leaders should send an email to eteditor@mail.etsu.edu from a university-issued Goldmail account.


The East Tennessean hires editors at the beginning of each semester and hires staff writers and photographers on an on-going basis. Anyone interested in applying to work for the East Tennessean should complete the application here.

Executive Editor

The executive editor recruits the editors, writers and photographers who put together each semiweekly edition of the East Tennessean. He or she also establishes goals and works with the managing editor to work toward those goals, sits as a voting member of the Student Publications Committee, makes all final legal and ethical decisions, and finalizes each edition before sending it to the Elizabethton Star for printing.

Section Editor

Section editors work with staff writers to produce content packages for the East Tennessean’s print and online editions. Each section editor oversees one of four sections: news, editorial, arts & entertainment, features or athletics. They are responsible for editing the stories prepared for their assigned sections before submitting them to the executive editor for further review.

Multimedia Editor

The multimedia editor works with a group of photographers to ensure that each edition’s photographic needs are met. He or she also processes all photographs published online and in print.


Designers work with the copy chief and managing editor to lay out each semiweekly edition of the East Tennessean.

Staff Writer

Staff writers are responsible for going out and finding the stories that make it into the East Tennessean. They can be assigned a specific coverage area or work as a general-assignment writer. Those who cover a specific topic develop a list of contacts they talk to regularly and a body of knowledge that allows them to act as the newspaper’s expert on a particular topic.


Photographers work are responsible for going to various campus events and shooting a variety of photos for use in the lay out of each semiweekly edition of the East Tennessean.