Graduating on time can seem more of a dream rather than a goal for many students, but summer and winter sessions can help students live out that dream.

“There are approximately 1,200 courses [over the summer],” said Sarah Harkness, director of summer and winter sessions.

“It’s an ideal time for students to focus on only one or two classes and complete the courses in a relatively short time period.”

Many students take advantage of this opportunity because it allows them to tailor their schedule to whatever they need in the summer.

“We do have students who will opt to take 18 credits or more during the summer,” Harkness said. “We have some who will only take three credits.”

Sydney Crowder, a senior and transfer student, agrees.

“Winter classes allow students to continue on the graduation path over the winter,” Crowder said. “These classes allow the students to structurally work at their own pace, while also ensuring things get completed on time. They are wonderful for people who have incredibly busy schedules.”

These classes are as affordable as regular term classes as long as a student does not try to fit an entire semester into a summer.

“The tuition rates and fees for summer and winter sessions are the same as they are for fall and spring terms,” Harkness said. “The difference comes in when students take more than 12 credit hours during the summer. During the fall and spring, the tuition rate drops after 12. In the summer, that does not occur. The per-credit rate is unchanged.”