Lyn Govette invites students and faculty to the Culp in front of the Multicultural Center to have their clothes mended for free.

Govette, a graduate student at ETSU, is a master of fine arts student with a concentration in textiles.

She set up two chairs in the second story of the Culp with a sign reading “public mender.” Lyn Govette said she was curious by how many people would want or need her service and then actually use it.

She got the idea to try public mending when she took an Art of Social Practice class. Govette says that sewing on buttons, mending patches and fixing zippers is a skill that not many people know how to do. Her service is a way to fix minor issues in clothing so they don’t have to be thrown away.

“I learned as a kid,” Govette said. “My mother made all of my clothes from scratch, but she didn’t like the mending part or sewing on the buttons so my grandma, who would come over once a week, did that part. So I’ve done this for a long time.”

Lyn Govette is a big fan of Upcycling. Upcycling is a movement that was started in 2012 encouraging people to reuse material or objects to design something better than it ever was before.

Upcycling magazine refers to it as giving old items new life that is either more useful or creative.

Gorvette said it’s fun to pull items apart, “It’s unique and no one will ever have what I made.”

Govette believes more people are becoming interested in diverse, unique clothing and not just wearing the shirt that everyone else has.

Instead of throwing away clothing that is out of style, people can learn to change it and keep it. Lyn Govette said she loves to wear tunic tops. She dyes them and changes the neckline.

As an art major, she is happy to see the changes in Johnson City since she moved back. Govette is excited about the performing arts building opening up across from campus and to see restaurants and galleries move into downtown Johnson City.

“Art is an important part of life,” Govette states. As an MFA student, she is excited to graduate in May.

Lyn Govette will be back in the Culp Thursday, September 22, 2016 to mend clothing, blankets and pillows for the students and faculty at ETSU.