On Feb. 26, the ETSU women’s golf team competed in the Kiawah Spring Invitational. The invitational featured 43 teams from across the country.

The Bucs finished fourth in the team standings while sophomore Loy Hee Ying (Baru, Kulaijaya, Malaysia) finished second place in the player standings.

On the first day, the Bucs finished in fifth place, just eight strokes from being tied in first place with Jacksonville. Loy for the Buccaneers shot a score of 72 on the day. Loy was solid on her first nine, but had a few struggles on the back nine keeping her from taking first place on day one of the invitational.

Junior Dominika Czudkova (Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic) for the Bucs on day one scored a 75 and had multiple pars despite having a lot of good shots on her first day. Senior Rachel Pollock (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) started her first day pretty solid scoring a 73. A couple of missed opportunities kept her from finishing in top 10 on the day. The same could be said for senior Linda Dobele (Ogre, Latvia), who scored a 74 on the day.

Day two of the invitational was a solid day for the Bucs as a team, much like day one. As a team, they scored 297 points while remaining top five on the day. Loy lead the way once again shooting an impressive 69 on the day. After struggles on her first hole, she went on to have a very solid day.

Laura Fuenfstueck from College of Charleston was the only player Loy trailed the whole tournament. Loy was able to outplay her after Fuenfstueck scored a 70 on the day.

Czudkova performed slightly better on day two than her first day, scoring a 74 on the day.

Pollock’s day two wasn’t as she had hoped for, shooting a 77 in the round. Dobele also struggled on the day, shooting an 80.

The Bucs would need a strong group performance to stay in the top five going into day three and that they did.

On day three of the invitational, the Bucs scored 287 points and finished eight points behind Coastal Carolina who finished first. Freshman Yeji Ahn came up big for the Bucs after a good round of golf. She scored a 73 on day one and scored an 80 on day two. Ahn bounced back for the Bucs scoring a 74 in the final round.

Loy scored a 69 on the last round to finish second in the player standings. Czudkova shot a 73 in her final round to finish tied for 33rd in the player standings. Freshman Ankita Kedlaya (Bangalore, India)  for the Bucs shot a 70 in her final round to finish tied for 39th.